Robot integration at an egg sorter

Unmanned handling without changing the existing process loop

With an installed base of 118 robot installations, Elsto Smart Solutions (formerly Fiduco Automatic) is the founder of robotics in the egg industry. We started by palletising eggs on plastic trays at a poultry farmer. Once by this we established our name, we continued to fully automate egg crushing and sorting plants. Nowadays, the front and rear washing machines for plastic packaging are also fully automated.

This case shows a robotic solution for the transport to, and the input of, pallets and dividers in the pallet washer. After washing, the packaging is removed and automatically stacked. The robot is equipped with a modified, pneumatically driven gripper. This gripper transports and feeds the pallets and dividers into the pallet washer. A second robot is placed behind the automated output of the pallet and tray washer. This robot stacks the washed items with high repetition accuracy.