Total solution for a hatchery


A total solution for a hatchery of parent stock with a number of components for a washing installation, that ensures that hatching crates are 100% clean of meconi spots after the washing process. The complete installation has to be be placed in a room of 55 m2 with a maximum height of 2.7 meters. Due to the continuous nature of the incubation process within the hatchery, removing the old washing installation and installing the complete new installation had to be done within the tomeframe from Friday evening to Sunday evening, because on Monday the new chicks come out of the hatching cells.

The entire installation is engineered with a tilter that flips the crates so that the egg cups fall out of the crates. A stainless steel hygienic transport system to the washroom. An ABB robot with a toolhead for stacking and unstacking crates up to 16 high. A cold water soaking tunnel with a production speed of 30 minutes. A Unifortes crate washer with an extra mid-pressure pump. And a transport system with a mechanical stacker behind the washing machine, after which the crate stacks can easily be placed on trolleys.