Lift system for an egg breaking facilty

Unmanned handling

The client asked us to develop a system to automatically transport dirty crates to the washing machines. In order to maintain the passageways in the existing factory hall, a pneumatically driven lifting system has been developed. This lifting system is 2.5 meters high and ensures a vertical discharge of the crates in the process. The lifting system consists of six chain elevators, which remove stacks of dirty trays from the crushing systems and then place them on a transport system on the way to the automatic infeed of the washing machines.

For the unmanned removal of empty packaging, such as trays, dividers and pallets, all crushing and washing machines in the process have been expanded with pneumatically and electrically driven lifting systems, being lifting columns and chain elevators. A pneumatic lifting column has been developed for pallet handling, coupled with an electric conveyor, for automatic transfer of the pallets to the line production. All this without adapting or changing the existing infrastructure of the egg factory.